September 24, 2023



Will Smith begs people to watch ‘Emancipation’: ‘Losing sleep every night’

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Will Smith wants his fans to forgive him for his mistakes and support his new movie Emancipation.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the actor, who got himself in trouble after slapping host Chris Rock at Oscars, is urging fans to set aside grievances and support good content.

“The only discomfort my heart has around that is that so many people have done spectacular work on this film.

“My hope is that my team isn’t penalised at all for my actions. I think (director) Antoine (Fuqua) and (cinematographer) Robert (Richardson) and Ben (Foster) and Charmaine (Bingwa) — everyone has done such spectacular work.”

He continued: “I definitely lose a couple winks of sleep every night thinking that I could have potentially penalised my team, but I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that everyone gets seen in the light that they deserve.”

Will Smith’s Emancipation will stream on December 2.

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