September 26, 2023



Why ‘Wonder Woman’ filmmaker ‘walked off’ from the film?

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Why Wonder Woman filmmaker walked off from the film?
Why ‘Wonder Woman’ filmmaker ‘walked off’ from the film?

Wonder Woman filmmaker Patty Jenkins did not compromise her vision of Diana prince amid Warner Bros. cancelation.

As per The Wrap, the writer and director of the film Patty Jenkins “walked off” the project after her ideas met with skepticism.

An insider close to the discussion claimed that the Monster director refused to revise her pitch and wanted De Luca and Abdy to “know that they were wrong, that they didn’t understand her, didn’t understand the character, didn’t understand character arcs and didn’t understand what Jenkins was trying to do.”

The matter came to a boiling point when Jenkins sent an email to De Luca that ended with a link to the Wikipedia definition of “character arc.”

Later, Warner Bros. execs asked Jenkins to pitch another idea. However, the director refused, instead choosing to exit the project entirely.

Patty Jenkins helmed both Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984 and was expected to resume the franchise alongside its star Gal Gadot for Wonder Woman 3.

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