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Vikram-S: Prarambh mission of India’s first privately developed rocket successful | India News

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SRIHARIKOTA: India’ first privately developed rocket – Vikram-S- was successfully launched in a suborbital mission from the sounding rocket complex at the Sriharikota spaceport on Friday. The rocket was developed by startup Skyroot Aerospace.
Vikram-S lifted off at 11.30am in a mission was named ‘Prarambh’ (the beginning). Around 2.3minutes after liftoff, the rocket reached an altitude of 81.5km with three payloads weighing a total of 83kg. After 4.84 minutes, the rocket splashed down into the Bay of Bengal at around 115.6km from Sriharikota.
The payloads were from Space Kidz India, Bazoomq Armenia and N-Space Tech India and are equipped with sensors for the measurement of acceleration, pressure and others.
Skyroot said Vikram-S is a single stage sub-orbital rocket powered by solid-fuelled propulsion. The rocket has been built using advanced technologies, including carbon composite structures and 3D-printed components.
“Vikram-S will help test and validate majority of the technologies in the Vikram series of orbital class space launch vehicles, including many sub-systems and technologies that will be tested across pre liftoff and post liftoff phases of the launch,” the Hyderabad-headquartered company said.
Skyroot is the first Indian startup to sign an MoU with Isro to launch a rocket into space.
India’s space regulator-and-promoter, the Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Center (IN-SPACe), has been operating as a single-window autonomous nodal agency of the Department of Space (DoS) to boost the private space sector economy.

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