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Usa, kidnapped by the babysitter when she was a child: she finds her family again after 51 years

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November 29, 2022 4:48 pm

Thanks to the DNA test, the woman was able to embrace her parents and siblings who had never stopped looking for her

The story – It was 1971 when Melissa’s single mother placed an ad in the newspaper for a babysitter who could look after the girl when she was at work. When the woman who had responded to the advertisement showed up at her home, Melissa’s mother was not at home and she was the roommate who delivered her little girl to the babysitter who has since disappeared. The family never gave up hope of ever finding Melissa again and every year on her birthday, she threw her a party. Until the turning point, in September of this year.

The DNA test is decisive – The Highsmith family received an anonymous message informing them that the woman was in Charleston, more than 2,000 kilometers from the place where she was abducted. The DNA test and other tests confirmed Melissa’s identity and her family was able to embrace her again after 51 very long years. However, the babysitter disappeared into thin air.

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