September 26, 2023



This is my last World Cup, Messi

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Argentina’s famous footballer Messi has said that the final of the ongoing FIFA World Cup will be the last match of his World Cup competitions. He played an important role in the match, he scored the first goal against Croatia, which was his fifth overall goal in the ongoing World Cup. Speaking to the media at the end of the match, Messi said that it is of course a very happy moment for me, our The team has reached the final, all the players have worked hard for it and now we are just one step away from lifting the trophy, he said that after this World Cup, the next World Cup is four years away and I I understand that I will not be able to reach it, so Sunday’s final match will be the last match of my World Cup career, with the 35-year-old Messi, who will play his 26th World Cup match in Sunday’s final, to lift the World Cup trophy. The last time, in the 2014 final, the Argentina team that reached the final was defeated by Germany, and Messi was part of that team. C has won many awards in his career, Messi has won the Ballon d’Or, the highest award in the world of football, and the Ivar record seven times, while he has also won the FIFA Best Player of the Year award once. A four-time Champions League winner, with Argentina winning the Copa America last year, Messi’s career is now just one honor short of the World Cup trophy, for which he will be competing against either France or Morocco for the final time on Sunday. Will get off.

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