September 26, 2023



The panel of EU technicians indicates Di Maio as special envoy in the Persian Gulf – World

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The panel of independent technicians that received a mandate from the EU to select the European special envoy in the Persian Gulf, according to what we learn, indicated the former foreign minister Louis DiMaio as the best candidate of the quadruplet meeting on the tables in Brussels.

In fact, the document notified by the panel itself to the offices of the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, states that “on the basis of the services” provided “by the candidates, it is recommended to appoint Mr. Luigi Di Maio” as correspondent EU special in the Gulf. The recommendation, which arrived after a stringent series of interviews aimed at establishing the qualities of the individual candidates, however, it does not constitute the official appointment, which belongs to Borrell.

In addition to the former head of Italian diplomacy, the Cypriot is also included in the quadruplet Markos Kyprianouthe former UN envoy to Libya Jan Cabbage and the former foreign minister and EU commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulosfor which Athens is spending a lot.