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The FIB 2022 Master goes to Di Nicola and Morelli: the event in Campania was a success

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In Piazzolla di Nola, on the central field of the Kennedy Bocciofila, twenty-two matches played, with 44 total sets and eleven challenges concluded with shots on the cue ball. The satisfaction of the federal president Der Sanctis: “We have touched the ferment and enthusiasm of the enthusiasts in this area”

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Giuliano Di Nicola of Boville Marino and Flavia Morelli of Bocciofila Lucrezia, at the Kennedy in Piazzolla di Nola, in front of a large and enthusiastic audience, won the FIB 2022 Master of Champions and Champions, at the end of two finals that entertained the spectators present. The player from Abruzzo Giuliano Di Nicola won in the final against Gianluca Formicone of VIP Credaro Bergamo: two sets won 8-5. The athlete from the Marche Flavia Morelli beat the Emilian Chiara Morano in the final at the end of the lottery of shots at the cue ball (3-2) after the draw in the two sets, the first prerogative of Lucrezia’s bearer for 8-2 and the second in favor of the player of TREM Osteria Grande Castel San Pietro for 8-1. The winner Giuliano Di Nicola, before the victory in the final, had overtaken, in order, Davide Paolucci (Corbordolo), Andrea Cappellacci (Fontespina Civitanova Marche) and, in the semifinal, Giuseppe D’Alterio (Giorgione3Villese Castelfranco Veneto).


A clean path marked by eight sets won for the athlete from Pescara, who triumphed, in one week, at the World Championships in the Mixed Pair in Turkey and at the 2022 FIB Master in Campania. The winner Flavia Morelli, before the very final, to overcome the previous rounds, had had to resort to shooting, both in the quarterfinals against Laura Picchio (Bocciofila Spello) and in the semifinals against Sanela Urbano (Sandro De Sanctis Roma). The director of the event was Antonio Dello Iacovo, national referee of AIAB Campania, who had six match judges and the referee staff dedicated to the technology of the Var available. At the Kennedy Bocciofila in Piazzolla di Nola there were four days of high technical-tactical thickness for a tested formula of the FIB Master after the first edition staged, in 2021, in Terni. Twenty-two matches, forty-four sets, eleven challenges concluded with shooting at the cue ball: all the matches on the central field of the Kennedy Bowling Club and all broadcast on federal web TV for a total of thirty-two hours of live coverage over the four days of competition.


Present, with the federal president Marco Giunio De Sanctis, also the vicar vice-president Moreno Rosati, the Secretary General Riccardo Milana, the regional presidents Antonio Barbato (Campania), Corrado Tecchi (Marche) and Giuseppe Format (Molise). Among the political institutions of the area present, among others, the mayor of Nola, Carlo Buonauro, the city councilor Raffaele Giugliano and the regional councilor Massimiliano Manfredi. “The warmth offered by the public of the Kennedy in Piazzolla di Nola was the setting for an event of great technical-tactical importance – commented the federal president Marco Giunio De Sanctis, present in Campania, just as he had been in Campobasso seven days before and how it will be present in Bergamo for the Assoluti next weekend – The Raffa FIB Master is one of the main competitions of our business and, surely, the Federal Council will work to allow this event to improve even more. On the other hand, under this last aspect, the FIB aims to transform our events into major sporting events”.


“After several years in which the federal demonstrations had mostly been held between the Center and the North, it was my concern to organize them in the South where we experienced the ferment and enthusiasm of the enthusiasts from Campania first-hand – concluded the federal president De Sanctis – For the organization of the 2nd edition of the FIB Master, I thank the federal councilor Franco Delvecchio, the president of FIB Campania, Antonio Barbato, and the Kennedy management which hosted the event”. “We have given four days of great sport and high-level bowls to the city of Nola, the province of Naples and to all enthusiasts from Campania and neighboring regions – commented by federal councilor Franco Delvecchio and the president of FIB Campania, Antonio Barbato – We had fun, we watched great matches and we believe that the spectators also appreciated our proposal. At an organizational level, we had several collaborators, our thanks go to all those who worked for the success of the event and, in a special way, to the Kennedy company of Piazzolla di Nola for their precious hospitality”.

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