September 23, 2023



The Eyes Are Walled – Mashriq TV

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These days, there is a buzz of news in Pakistan as if there is no other issue or problem facing Pakistan. They wake up early in the morning with eye to eye, then they ask what happened, when they ask what happened to Chhajai, they reply that it is the Chief of Army Staff. If the uncle has just entered the 9th class, then they also ask what happened to the clock, as if such a time has come that no one is aware of religion and world, while there are other sorrows. Apart from my love, although the clock of time is saying again and again that where is your attention? He is wise, he says that the country cannot develop, and neither can there be external or internal investment in the country, unless there is political stability in the country. He had said on the occasion of, Is there anyone who is going to make these statements a lie? Absolutely not, at this time Pakistan is at the peak of political stability. But as far as the appointment of the army chief is concerned, the constitution is talking about who has raised it, for what purpose his words are being suppressed, only the suppressors will know that at every moment no one Some news is flying around in this bar. The priority of national interests is the situation that politicians spend millions of rupees for their personal publicity but remain unconcerned about the interest of the country, foreign firms for their own lobby. Thousands of dollars are paid monthly for their lobbying abroad, where is this huge amount of money coming from? No one is looking to fix it. Singh has announced a new visa policy for the purpose of providing employment to Indians in the UK, under which approximately 3,000 Indians will be given working visas every year. India is the only country in South Asia that has developed. Or lobbying for India in Fatah countries and powerful countries is done with full planning. In these countries, no political group or political figures are lobbied, from Ayub Khan’s era to late Bhutto and then. Can anyone tell us which government has built a strong foundation for Pakistan in these countries before the era of Sharif, Zardari, General Zia-ul-Haq, Benazir Bhutto, Pervez Musharraf and Umar Khan? The situation is that the flood of inflation that was going on during the time of Umar In Khan is still going on, the rate of unemployment which started increasing during the time of Umar In Khan is now increasing during the time of Shahbaz Sharif. According to the latest report, the unemployment rate in the country has reached 28 percent. Which no leader cares about, it is the duty of every leader to first He should play a role for the political, economic and economic stability of the country, whether he is in the government or not, but for the past one month, the game of the clock of instability is being played, we don’t know when the lucky hour will come. While waiting, the eyes of the people are being stoned while it is felt that the eyes of the leaders have been blocked. Wada Ramdas Song was born in Gujranwala, a city of talented people in Pakistan, his maternal grandfather was from Gujrat province of India, Ramdas Song went to Kenya for marriage, then he moved to Britain. While Rishi Shankar was probably born in 1980, but being a Hindu, he considers himself to be of Indian origin, and there is a strong demand for India standing with him. Every year only 3000 Indians will be granted working visa, why Pakistan has been ignored.

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