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Taylor Russell reveals what they really ate during ‘Bones and All’ gory scenes

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Taylor Russell reveals what they really ate during Bones and All gory scenes
Taylor Russell reveals what they really ate during ‘Bones and All’ gory scenes

Timothée Chalamet and Taylor Russell star as leads in director Luca Guadagnino’s recently-released Bones and All.

Taylor portrays a 1980s teenager named Maren, who sets off in search of her mother after her dad abandons her — because of cannibalistic tendencies. Chalamet, on the other hand, portrays another eater named Lee, with whom Maren forms a romantic bond.

While director Guadagnino insists his film is a romance, the director does not shy away from depicting his characters’ consumption of human flesh. In an interview with Entertainment Weeklywhen the actress was asked what exactly she was eating when she shot those sequences, she shared that it was actually some delicious sweet treats.

“It was some combination of those maraschino cherries and dark chocolate sauce and things like that,” she said. “They were very kind about us having, I guess, some tastier sweet treats.”

Talking about her character Russell shared that she had never before read anything quite like the film’s script, which was written by frequent Guadagnino collaborator David Kajganich.

“I knew that the script through Luca’s lens would be something wholly original and fascinating,” she revealed.

“I would have done any role in the movie, just to be in the movie, and luckily I got to play Maren. I got to explore a lot of the themes that were really interesting to me at the time in terms of connectivity, or lack thereof, and what we get passed down from our family, generational stuff, and how we break that.”

Bones and All premiered in September at the Venice Film Festival, where Russell won the Marcello Mastroianni Award, which recognises emerging talent, per EW.

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