September 26, 2023



Royal household left astonished with Meghan and Harry’s documentary: report

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Royal household left astonished with Meghan and Harrys documentary: report

There was astonishment inside the Royal Household and at the headquarters of the Commonwealth in London that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry used footage of the Queen to criticise Britain’s role in the Commonwealth, UK’s Daily Express reported citing sources.

The royal family has avoided commenting on the documentary through a statement.

The royal family was largely spared in the first three episodes of the royal couple’s Netflix documentary which premiered on Thursday.

The newspaper also carried a statement from Gabon’s High Commissioner who condemned Harry and Meghan.

“It was “surprising and patronising” for the couple to use their Netflix series to attack the organisation, which was Queen Elizabeth’s proudest achievement,” said the diplomat.

Aichatou Sanni Aoudou said: “To think we would sign up blindly to be vassals to another empire is to suggest we are foolish. This is why many in Gabon would feel patronised by these clumsy remarks.

“We entered the Commonwealth last year with our eyes wide open and hearts full of excitement.”

The documentary showed footage of the late Queen Elizabeth at a Commonwealth summit in 2018, and a recording of her broadcasting to the British Empire in 1947.

Citing experts, Daily Express wrote, “The exiled couple’s involvement in a series criticising the monarchy and the Commonwealth, which is home to 2.6 billion people or a third of the world’s population, has damaged Britain’s standing in the world and UK foreign policy, according to experts.”

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