September 26, 2023



Riccardo freezes everyone: “A story ends when you want to meet another person”

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The discussion at “Men and Women” is about to ignite, but Gloria’s absence puts the discussion on standby

Riccardo Guarnieri freezes everyone in the studio at “Men and Women” and ends the attendance with Gloria. Since Ida Platano left the program together with Alessandro Vicinanza, the knight had decided to go back to seeing Gloria with whom he had begun an acquaintance in the past.

Riccardo has understood that he only has a physical attraction towards the lady and prefers to cut everything short: “A story ends when you understand that you want to make a new acquaintance…”. Gloria, however, is not present in the studio.

The choice of the knight unleashes the commentators Gianni and Tina and part of the parterre, who accuse him of having only deceived and made fun of the lady. Maria De Filippi decides to interrupt the discussion and to continue only when Gloria is present again.

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