September 24, 2023



Riccardo and Gloria, the knowledge continues “but one step at a time”

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Continue the acquaintance between Riccardo e Gloria. A “Men and women” the lady and the knight return to the center of the studio to talk about their relationship and declare that they want to continue their acquaintance in a exclusive, without seeing and hearing anyone else. Riccardo, however, confirms that he wants to take small steps without running. “It will be an exclusive that will last a few days and that has arrived so as not to argue“, they comment Gianni Sperti e Tina Cipollati.

Although the lady and the knight have already spent one night together, their first outing didn’t go very well but they decide to give themselves another chance and try to get to know each other better. “One thing is certain: you won’t spend Christmas and New Year’s with him”, declares Cipollari who does not believe in Riccardo’s interests at all.

And meanwhile too Maria De Filippi throws a taunt to the knight. “If Roberta decided to go out with you changing her mind, what would you do?“, asks the presenter referring to the last episode where the lady and the knight had decided to go out together, but then Roberta had changed her mind when she discovered that Riccardo had spent the night with Gloria. The knight, however, declares that he is no longer interested .

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