September 24, 2023



Rania of Jordan, lunch in Milan with 20 escort men

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Rania of Jordan had lunch in a restaurant in the center of Milan with two women, then took a walk in the fashion streets. Wearing a gray dégradé coat, stiletto heel boots and a bag that didn’t go unnoticed, the Queen enjoyed a stroll through the windows of the city of fashion. But safety first: to enjoy relaxing at the table and going around the shops in complete tranquillity, she was accompanied by a respectable escort, made up of 20 people committed to protecting her from ill-intentioned and simple onlookers.

In Italy on an official visit – Rania of Jordan spent a few days in Italy on an official visit with her husband, King Abdullah II. The couple met the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella e la first Lady Laura to which the Queen did not miss the social thanks for the hospitality received. After the meeting in Rome, the Queen left for Milan.

A queen’s life – Rania of Jordan turned 52 on August 31st and is universally recognized as one of the icons of beauty and elegance, so much so that she is an inspiration for ordinary women but also for crowned heads. Since 1993 she has been married to King Abdullah II with whom she has 4 children: Hussein (28 years), Iman (26), Salma (22) e Hashim (17). Recently the two older ones got officially engaged: the heir to the throne with Rajwa Khaled bin Musaed bin Saif bin Abdulaziz Al Saif (who does not have noble origins but comes from a very rich family), while his sister will marry Jameel Alexander Thermiotis. 2023 for the royal family promises to be full of celebrations, which will surely be pharaonic and without budget limits. And, given how much importance they place on security, they will probably also be highly armored.

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