September 23, 2023



Qatargate, Renzi: “There is often a double standard, especially on the left”

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“Criminal responsibilities are always personal. What is certain is that in some cases there is a sort of double standard, a sort of hypocrisy, on the left: when things are done by others they are corrupt and dangerous, when things happen at home they are companions who make mistakes. That’s no good. Moralists without morals no longer have a future “. Said the leader of Italia Viva Matthew Renzihost a “Morning Five News” about the Qatargate.

Renzi does not share the president’s alarm Metsola on democracy under attack: “For the moment it seems above all a matter of corruption – and he adds -. First, we have to wait and be guaranteed: there is always the presumption of innocence. Second, it makes me angry to be told that it is the Italians , because it’s not true. Thirdly, everything revolves around a former MEP who left the Democratic Party when I arrived because I was against the values ​​of the left… who knows what these values ​​were. We cannot allow Europe to become the place of corruption”.

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