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Qatar 2022, the “One Love” band on the arm of BBC journalist Alex Scott

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November 22, 2022 08:24

The rainbow anti-discrimination symbol is not worn by captains of national teams at risk of booking, according to FIFA decision

Alex Scott herself, correspondent of the Bbc for the World Cup in Qatar, he then released the images with the One Love band on his Instagram page which has over one million and 700 thousand followers. The sports commentator began playing football as a child, reaching the English national team jersey, with which she obtained a second place at the European Championships in Finland 2009 and a third place at the 2015 Canada World Cup and finally that of the British national team representing the United Kingdom at the London 2012 Olympics.

Qatar 2022, Amnesty International’s complaint – “Last-minute threats to fine players” of the World Cup in Qatar “for wearing messages in support of human rights and equality are the latest example of Fifa’s failure to fully uphold its own values ​​and responsibility”. This was stated in a statement by Steve Cockburn, head of economic and social justice at Amnesty International, in response to FIFA’s threats to sanction players who intended to wear the band with a rainbow heart and the writing One Love to show support for the LGBT community.

“Sport doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and these are issues FIFA should be at the forefront of, not repress. Armband deals and better protections for LGBT communities should have been achieved a long time ago,” he continued. Amnesty manager. “We applaud the courage of the teams and players who have spoken out about human rights and hope they continue to do so. Fans, players and football associations want to ensure that football can be a vehicle for promoting human rights and FIFA must pay attention to these calls quickly. It must not only encourage messages of equality, but also take proactive action to ensure the protection of LGBT people,” Cockburn stressed. “And let’s not forget the migrant workers who made the tournament possible. They must be compensated in full for the unspeakable abuses they suffered.”

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