October 4, 2023



Princess Charlene and Charlotte Casiraghi at the Christmas Village

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Alberto’s wife with her niece and children smiling and accomplices at the inauguration

At the Christmas Village with the children

For the children of Princess Charlene of Monaco, Jacques and Gabriella, attending the inauguration of the Christmas Village in the principality was truly a celebration. Red coat for the girl and plaid shirt for the boy, in perfect holiday mood, the children of Wittstock and Prince Albert attracted the flashes with their funny and attentive faces. With them, in addition to their mother Charlene, was Charlotte Casiraghi. Caroline of Monaco’s daughter appeared as beautiful as ever, charming and perfectly in tune with Prince Albert’s wife. With the cheerful group also the eldest son of Charlotte, Raphael, born of love with the ex Gad Elmaleh.

Charlene protagonist of social life in the Principality

In short, Princess Charlene she is once again the protagonist of the events of the principality, after the long absence of 2021, when following an otorhinolaryngological infection she had been in South Africa for a long time and then had gone through a difficult period of convalescence always away from her twin boys. There has been a lot of talk about her absence and her possible crisis with Prince Albert, but in recent times the couple has shown themselves increasingly united on social occasions. Even the alleged bad feelings between Princess Charlene and her sister-in-law Caroline of Monaco may have faded. The fact is that he is very comfortable with his “niece” Charlotte Casiraghi. In her company, in the Christmas village set up in the principality, they seem to enjoy themselves and exchange knowing glances and knowing smiles. The spirit of Christmas has descended on Palazzo Grimaldi.

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