October 4, 2023



Pakistan vs England, who has the biggest burden in Test matches?

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In 1954, for the first time, the Pakistan team visited England and played a series of four Test matches. In the Oval field, the Pakistan team made a grand announcement of its arrival in the world of cricket by defeating many of its stronger teams. Since then, more than 68 years have passed since Pakistan and England played Test cricket against each other. During this time, 26 Test series have been played between the two, out of which 8 series were played in Pakistan and 16 in England, while 2 home series of Pakistan were held in United Arab Emirates due to security issues. In total, in these 26 series, Pakistan There was success in 8 while failure in 10 and 8 series ended in a draw. So far Pakistan has played a total of 86 Tests against England and it is also a record that it has played the most Test matches against England. Played against. In these 86 Test matches, Pakistan won 21 and lost 26, while the remaining 39 Tests ended without a decision. Pakistan played a total of 56 Tests in England, of which Pakistan won 12 and England twice. That is, 24 Tests were won while 20 Tests were drawn. On the other hand, 24 Tests were played on the soil of Pakistan, in which very few matches were decisive. Pakistan won 4 and England won 2 while 18 Tests ended without a decision. 6 Tests were played in UAE in which England could not win any match while Pakistan won 5 Tests and drew one Test. Examining the results of all these Test series and matches shows that England won 2 series and There is a slight lead of 5 matches. It is to be seen whether Pakistan will be able to reduce this lead of England in the current series or if this lead will increase further.

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