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Moscow: “We will not give up the annexed territories” – World

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Bombing and rocket attacks on various fronts of the war in Ukraine continued last night. New Russian raids and bombings have hit the capital but also other cities in the country, according to official sources. “Two cruise missiles were shot down over Kiev. We are collecting information and checking if there are any victims”, said a source in the Ukrainian capital. Authorities in the cities of Dnipro and Odessa also reported Russian attacks.

On the other hand, Vladimir Rogov, a member of the pro-Russian administration in Zaporizhzhia oblast, said that two people were killed and seven injured in a shelling by Ukrainian forces on a village in the north of the region, close to the front line. Rogov, quoted by Russian agencies, added that the Ukrainians bombed the villages of Vasilyevka, Novobogdanivka and Mikhailovka during the night, where there are victims, underlining that a school was also hit. On the other hand, Explosions have been reported in the occupied city of Dzhankoi, Crimea. According to local media, a Russian airport was hit. Ukrinform said the explosions were heard late yesterday evening, citing local Telegram channels.

“Peace in Ukraine is a global need. I emphasize: it is not a temporary pause, not an illusion of peace with which Russia is trying, just to prepare for a new stage of aggression, but real peace. I know it can be achieved. But for this we must preserve global unity and continue to support our fight for freedom. It is necessary to protect global honesty and increase the pressure on Russia for terror. And it is necessary to preserve global rationality”. With these words the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky he addressed attendees at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum, as he reports on Telegram.

Zelensky speaking on missile who fell on Tuesday in Poland said “I don’t know what happened.” Until yesterday Ukraine denied that the fallen rocket was Ukrainian, a conclusion reached by the USA, Poland and NATO.

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Dmytro Kuleba, announced that he had spoken today with his Polish counterpart Zbigniew Rau. “Ukraine and Poland to cooperate constructively and openly on the incident caused by Russian missile terrorism against Ukraine – he said on Twitter -. Our experts are already in Poland. We expect them to quickly gain access to the site in cooperation with Polish forces.” Zelensky had requested yesterday that a Ukrainian team join the investigation led by Polish and US experts in Przewodow, about four miles from the Ukrainian border.

Civilian suffering and blackouts are the “consequence” of Kiev’s refusal to negotiate. This was stated by the Kremlin on the day Russian raids hit gas production plants and after the attacks in recent days on energy plants that are causing blackouts in almost the whole country.

Washington “is able to exert influence over Kiev, making it more flexible if it wishes”. This was stated by Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov speaking in the usual briefing of Ukraine’s refusal to negotiate. Russia does not intend to give up territories in Ukraine recently annexed to its territory. This was stated by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov in a television interview filmed by the Tass agency. “We are unshakeable in our position which certainly provides for our territorial integrity with all newly admitted territories,” Ryabkov said.

Russia-USA meeting on 29/11 in Cairo on the nuclear treaty – Russian and American envoys will meet from November 29 to December 6 in Cairo within the framework of the bilateral commission which oversees the application of the New Start treaty on the reduction of nuclear arsenals. This was announced by Moscow’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov in a television interview filmed by the Tass agency.

The Foreign Minister of Ukraine, Dmytro Kulebasaid he had a telephone conversation this morning with his American counterpart, Anthony Blinken, with which he agreed that the Russians are “entirely responsible for its missile terrorism and its consequences on the territory of Ukraine, Poland and Moldova”. Kuleba himself writes it in a tweet.

In a second tweet Kuleba, in his telephone conversation with his American colleague Antony Blinken says he thanked the United States for their “crucial military assistance”, underlining however the fact that “the delivery of anti-aircraft defense systems to Ukraine must speed up”. Nasams missile systems “have already proven their effectiveness and I am also convinced that the time has come for the Patriot[missile defense missiles].

Ukraine likely to gain access to site in southeast Poland where a missile killed two people. This was stated by the Polish president’s main foreign policy adviser, Jakub Kumoch, speaking to private broadcaster TVN 24, as reported by the Guardian, after Kyiv asked to be granted access to the scene of the explosion. “A Polish-American investigative team – said Kumoch – is on the spot. The Ukrainians have asked to be allowed access to the place of investigation. If both sides agree, and as far as I know there will be no objections from the American side, such access may be obtained soon.

In the meantime, however, International agreement allowing grain and other agricultural products to be exported from Ukraine’s ports across the Black Sea extended by another 120 days: a Ukrainian minister made it known. The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, “greeted” the renewal of the agreement for another four months, with a note sent to Istanbul, to the headquarters of the Joint Coordination Center (JCC), which oversees compliance with the terms of the agreement. After having praised the unblocking of Ukrainian exports, Guterres writes, the UN remains “fully committed to removing the obstacles that prevent the export of agricultural products and fertilizers from the Russian Federation”.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin for the “will and contribution” to the extension of the wheat agreement for 120 days. Ria Novosti reports it. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksandr Pankin said Russia had given “signals” it was not preparing to “cut” the wheat deal. The Tax reports it. “The agreement is considered to be the initiative of the Black Sea Grain on the export (of grain) from Ukrainian ports, but in fact there is another part, registered by the UN Secretariat, on assistance to Russia in the unhindered export of fertilizers and food to world markets,” said the Russian deputy minister. In recent days, Moscow had pointed the finger at the EU and the US, claiming that they were preventing supplies of “fertilizers and agricultural products” from Russia and that it would take this into account when evaluating “the opportunity to extend the agreement”.

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