September 24, 2023



More than 10 lakh people are expected to fall victim to poverty in Balochistan

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Web Desk: In the flood-affected Balochistan, there is a fear of more than 10 lakh people becoming victims of poverty. The federal government has issued a report regarding the damage caused by monsoon rains and floods in Balochistan. A total of 890 billion rupees worth of damages were caused due to the flood, but an estimate of 491 billion rupees has been estimated for rehabilitation, due to which more than one million people in Balochistan are feared to fall into poverty.
On the other hand, severe cold weather has increased the difficulties of the flood victims living under the open sky, the flood victims are trying to return to life again, but the suffering, grief and loss are too much. The government, NGOs and philanthropists. We have to continue our continuous efforts, give new life to the distressed victims and bring back happiness.

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