September 23, 2023



More freer books, Michela Giraud and the art history podcast: ‘That’s why crazy Mignottone and Titian can coexist’

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“In this country there is too much tendency to separate the serious and the humorous as if Mad Mignottone and Titian cannot coexist. But I am the same person, it is not a question of a conflict but of a coexistence”. Michela Giraud, together with her friend Maria Onori, recounts the genesis and motivations of the Gioconde podcast dedicated to the world of art history. And on the next Lol he jokes: “I hope they don’t cut me, I tried to launch a new catchphrase, whose subject has an often mistreated category. Who will it be? Mystery…”

By Sara Scarafia

Shooting and Editing Andrea Lattanzi and Luca Pellegrini

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