September 24, 2023



Milan, rider overwhelmed on the cycle path: “Invested on purpose”

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The investment filmed by a witness – The facts date back to November 29, but have only now been disclosed by the lawyer. The 28-year-old suffered a compound fracture in his leg. The lawyer has announced that he will shortly file a complaint with the police. The investment was filmed by a passing girl: this footage, together with those of the cameras installed along the cycle path, are now being examined by the police.

“Serious injuries, hit-and-run and possibly attempted homicide” – “From the video it is clear that the driver of the minicar did nothing to avoid the impact with Influence, let’s put it this way”, explained the lawyer Vitali. “At the moment we certainly have serious injuries and the failure to provide assistance. If the context in which the investment took place is what my client told me, I do not exclude that it could also be an attempted murder”.

The story of the 28-year-old invested – Influence said he met the driver of the minicar for the first time. The man, a 40-50 year old Italian, said something to which the 28-year-old did not reply, also because he claims he did not understand correctly. The small car, after turning into via Borghetto, then turned back and ran over the rider on the Corso Venezia cycle path.

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