September 24, 2023



Migrants escaped from a plane bound for Turkey from Morocco in a unique way

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Web Desk: According to the British news agency, on Wednesday, a pregnant woman sitting on a plane from Morocco to Turkey made an emergency landing in Barcelona, ​​Spain by pretending to give birth. After landing at the airport in Spain, the woman was hospitalized. On inspection, it was found that she was fine, while about 28 migrants on board escaped.
According to reports, the Spanish government said that police detained 14 people, including the woman who was on board the Turkish Pegasus Airlines plane, among the escapees, while the other 14 people are still missing. 5 were put back on the plane while others will be sent to Morocco. Authorities did not give details about all the migrants. According to reports, there were a total of 228 passengers on board the plane from Casablanca, Morocco to Istanbul.

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