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Michele Merlo, the singer’s grave looted: gifts from fans stolen

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After making the discovery, Mrs. Ferrari vented on social media. “I’m already angry with the world where unfortunately I have to and I’m surviving,” she wrote on Instagram: “But even more with those who allow themselves to take Michele’s gifts” .
Steal yourself a ring with an “M” and a mug with a dachshund. The mother then wanted to send a message to the people who were guilty of the theft: “For whoever it was: it’s a truly ignoble gesture !!! You just have to be ashamed”.

Michele Merlo, also known as Mike Bird, he died on June 6, 2021, at the Maggiore hospital in Bologna at the age of just 28.

The young singer from Vicenza, who had become known with his participation in “Amici” and “X Factor”suffering from fulminant leukemia, had felt ill a few days earlier after some symptoms had been underestimated and according to many he could have been saved. And this is also why Michele’s father, Dominic Merlo, there is no peace: “I lost my only son. I can’t get over it”, he told “Resto del Carlino”. “I’ve been angry for a year. That’s why I will never give up and I will fight until those responsible pay. Not for revenge, but to prevent others from having to face what we suffered.”

At the moment, the family doctor, Pantaleo Vitaliano, is being investigated for manslaughter. to which the artist had turned on May 26, showing a large hematoma on his left thigh. The doctor told Merlo it was a muscle tear. A few days later, on June 2, a doctor from the Vergato hospital in the Bologna area told the singer that he was suffering from tonsillitis. His condition then deteriorates rapidly, until his death.

On the day of the funeral, which they also attended Giorgia Meloni and Matteo SalviniMichele’s parents wanted share a video accompanied by the singer’s voice, spread in conjunction with the funeral at the Rosà stadium. “Whoever wants it will be able to publish this video message that he dedicated first of all to himself and that we are sure he dreamed of sharing with you too. For those who want, we would like you to publish it and spread it right at 5pm, so my wife and I can we will feel less alone,” they concluded.

One year after the singer’s death, last June “Butterflies” was released, the unreleased song published posthumously by the “Romantico Ribelle” association founded in his honor and headed by the singer’s parents. While on 6 June, in Rosà, the town where he lived, the same association organized a music and football event entitled “Michele between the lines”, which was attended by many personalities from TV, sport and music.

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