September 26, 2023



Meghan Markle, Prince Harry dislike monarchy and royal family?

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who are under fire for criticising the royal family, have seemingly decided to live rest of their life without them.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are said to be ‘persistent’ to target the monarchy and allegedly receiving awards and multi-million-dollar contracts to speak of royal ‘racism’ and other flaws they found during their time with the family.

Some royal commentators, authors and politicians are urging the couple – who stepped down as senior working royal to live a financially independent life of their choice in 2020 – to stay away from the Firm and drop their titles.

Some are suggesting that they should not attend any royal event in future if they really dislike them as they talk about the family in public and media.

“If they dislike the Royal Family so much why would they attend the coronation?” Current Parliament member and former Conservative Party Leader Iain Duncan Smith said of the couple to the DailyMail.

British author Lady Antonia Fraser said: “I hope they don’t come because I want the king and queen to be the center of attention. It worries me that if they come the cameras might waste time on them. They should stay holding hands in Hollywood.”

King Charles III, who took the throne when his mother Queen Elizabeth II died in September, will be formally coronated in May.

Since the release of the first three episodes of their Netflix show, Harry and Meghan have received an abundance of negative backlash, predominately within the United Kingdom. A second batch of episodes will be released on December 15, the date on which Kate Middleton will host her “Royal Carols: Together at Christmas.”

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