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Mara Venier, what an incredible trip to New York!

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November 24, 2022 10:28

On Instagram he shows the most beautiful images of the holiday with his son and grandson

Family vacation
Summer Mara Venier he spends it in Santo Domingo with her husband Nicholas Carraro, but as winter approaches, he prefers the magical atmosphere of New York. Together with her, her son Paolo Capponi, her daughter-in-law Valentina and her grandson Claudietto, who she is very fond of and often the protagonist of her grandmother’s social videos, flew to the US. Waiting for them in the Big Apple they then found some friends who accompanied them to rediscover the city. Zia Mara and family are staying in an exclusive hotel right in Times Square, and from the room of their room they did not hesitate to share the images of the crazy view with their followers.

The visit to the cult places
All wrapped up in warm duvets to resist the New York frost (“It’s chilly”, she says adjusting her cap on her head), Mara Venier poses for social media in the cult places of the city already decorated with Christmas lights. They spent an afternoon at Rockefeller Center, where the ice skating rink was set up. Do not miss the ritual shot in Times Square with her colored lights, nor the photo of her with her friends in front of the Vessel. Together with the holiday crew she went up to the observation deck on the 100th floor of The Edge skyscraper and from there she shared with followers the spectacular panorama of the city at night, with the silhouettes of the skyscrapers all lit up. “We are in pieces”, she tells her followers after the day as a tourist. But the effort was definitely worth it.

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