September 23, 2023



“Mai dire noi” by Gialappa’s Band: the first book of Italy’s funniest and most pungent voiceovers

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The common thread is their voice. Their life together, narrated in chorus by the three, alternates both with chapters in which only one of the three has the floor to recall curious anecdotes, and with interviews with some of the great comedians who took part in their broadcasts. An incredible story made up of absurd episodes starring Carlo and Marco’s embarrassing jokes, Giorgio’s fool and close encounters with the most targeted characters. For those who grew up with “Mai dire Gol” and with the football ducks, with the gieffini blunders and with the funniest parodies, with the magician Forest and Olmo’s initials, this journey behind the scenes of Gialappa’s is a fundamental book.

Giorgio Gherarducci, Marco Santin and Carlo Taranto they have been working together since the mid-1980s. After a debut on the radio and a long apprenticeship behind the scenes of various broadcasts, they revolutionized television with the highly successful “Mai dire…” format, thanks to which they gave birth to some of the greatest Italian comedic talents. After TV, radio, cinema and social media, he just needed the book. Even if their secret dream is to appear on the cover of The Puzzle Week. Andrew Amato is co-author of the book. Journalist and author, for radio and TV, he deals with mafias, the television industry and social networks. He has known Gialappa’s Band for fifteen years, even though he is not a comedic talent.

A preview excerpt for Tgcom24 readers:

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