September 26, 2023



Ludovica Valli ends up in the hospital during the holiday in Dubai

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The bad symptoms and the rush to the hospital
Ludovica Valli told her mishap to her followers, involving them step by step in the evolution of the situation. In Dubai with my partner Gian Maria Di Gregorio and the daughter Anastasia (born in 2021), the influencer started feeling unwell. “The doctor also visited me last night … he gave me another swab, fortunately negative (he told us that this bad flu is circulating here in Dubai too)”, she said. “In theory, he also found a strong inflammation in my pharynx, in practice, when we get back to Italy, I’ll do further checks. Since I’m practically unable to take anything because I’m pregnant, they gave me a drip both last night and this morning. I can’t wait to get back to our house. It all seems like a nightmare to me,” she said.

The return to Italy
As soon as she was able, Ludovica Valli and her family returned home. “I won’t tell you under what conditions we left to return to Italy”, she told her followers. In the meantime, her daughter Anastasia also began to show the same symptoms, “Fever, an inhuman cough, breath that comes and goes and a strong pain in the throat,” explains Beatrice Valli’s sister. “I was also voiceless… I really need to recover, I’m still very sick.” Added to all this is also her fear for her little girl: “I’m not telling you her agony in seeing her like this, I felt so helpless, useless” she confessed.

The pregnancy
Ludovica Valli is 7 months pregnant and a boy will soon be added to her beautiful family. He revealed the baby’s gender with a social video, while the name is still top secret. It seems that she and Gianmaria Di Gregorio are unable to agree on the choice, so uncertainty will remain until the end. Everything seemed to be going well, with the rising belly shown off on Istagram. The influencer allowed herself a few days in Ibiza and then, after a very short pit stop at home, she left for a relaxing break in the United Arab Emirates.

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