September 25, 2023



Linda Cerruti after the sexist comments: “I denounce everyone”

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“I want to understand how to proceed through legal channels. Maybe with the postal police”, underlines the synchronized swimming champion

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Cerruti had previously spoken about the matter in an Instagram outburst post, in which she wrote that she was “stunned and disgusted by the hundreds, probably thousands, of inappropriate, sexist and vulgar comments that accompany it. After more than 20 years of workouts and sacrifices, I find nothing short of SHAMEFUL and it really hurts my heart to read this horde of people making jokes that sexualize my body. Is a butt and two legs really what’s left, the main topic to talk about?” .

“I want to get the message across that it’s not right to keep quiet in the face of these situations. In my small way, with my post, I don’t turn the world upside down, but if everyone does something in their own small way, sooner or later these social dynamics will end – he adds in ‘interview with Republic -. It almost seems like it’s becoming normal, the order of the day, for famous sports and personalities from the world of entertainment”.

And on the position chosen for the targeted photo, he underlines: “It’s not by chance: it was the entrance to the single exercise at my first European Championship in 2010, that pose we exhibit before the music starts and we dive into the pool. It’s a headstand split, a form of expression of my sport that I wanted to celebrate.” “There is a lot of work behind those medals”, concludes Cerruti.

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