October 3, 2023



King Charles life in ‘danger’ after Meghan Markle, Prince Harry claims?

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King Charles life in danger after Meghan Markle, Prince Harry claims?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s claims in their Netflix docuseries could put King Charles, Prince William, Kate Middleton and other royals in danger, it is reported.

The Telegraph quoted former US law enforcement officer George R. Franks as saying, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “increasingly tenacious” attacks on the British royals could inspire an assassin to target King Charles or other senior royals.

He went on to say the California-based royal couple are allegedly even putting the lives of Princes George, Princess Charllotte and Prince Louis at risk with their destructive and damaging comments and allegations.

Franks told the publication: “I have been studying their increasingly tenacious attack on the character of the royals and the institution of the monarchy for the past several months with a growing concern for the safety of the members of the ‘working royals’, but also for the children of the Prince and Princess of Wales.”

The report comes after the trailer for the latest episodes of the docuseries on Harry and Meghan was released on Monday, with a claim that Buckingham Palace was “happy to lie” for William.

Meghan, 41, separately claims she was “fed to the wolves” after the pair quit royal life in early 2020 and moved to North America.

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