September 24, 2023



Jago, Banksy, TvBoy (and not only), counter-current art on display in Bologna

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The exhibition at Palazzo Albergati
“Jago, Banksy, TvBoy and other counter-current stories” is divided into a dialogue in 4 sections, in which the visitor is accompanied on a journey through the different artists, aimed at bringing out the correspondences between the different orientations. The first three sections are monographs, each dedicated respectively to the three main artists who have been able to subvert the rules of art. The path opens with Jago, whose research has its roots in traditional techniques but which, at the same time, establishes a relationship with the public through video and social networks. We continue with the works of Banksy, probably the most controversial street artist in the world, who has created a subculture in his own right and who has been able to generate new ideal and symbolic impacts by representing the burning issues of global current affairs with speed and immediacy. We then move on to TvBoy, one of the most recognizable street artists with his cultural references to be found precisely in the television bombardment from which he ironically invites us to free ourselves. These three nuclei are then joined, in the last section, by many other works by various generations of artists who have taken inspiration and inspiration from them.

The works on display
The most significant works of each artist are on display at Palazzo Albergati. We find the Girl with Baloon e Bomb Love by Banksy; but also Circulatory system e Self memory by Jago and the series of kisses and that of the heroes of TvBoy. Next to these masterpieces there is the famous poster Hope of Obey, a specimen of the Here Linesa di Mr. Brainwash, The girl with the Pearl Earring of Ravo, the very famous Not this “game” by Laika and the series of holy luck in Pau.

The exhibition, with the patronage of the Municipality of Bolognais produced and organized by Artemisia with the collaboration of Feather, Pop House Gallery e Discussed.

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