September 25, 2023



Is BTS RM dating someone named Sooyeon? ARMY in a state of shock and confusion

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Is BTS RM dating someone named Sooyeon? ARMY in a state of shock and confusion

BTS RM has sent ARMY into a state of shock and confusion with his recent enigmatic post, hinting that he might be romantically involved with someone named Sooyeon.

Even though BTS leader RM has often dodged the question of dating and marriage and has observed overall silence on the matter, he has been subject to several rumours.

Some suggested that he might he is secretly married while some say that he has a secret partner.

According to koreaboo, RM’s Instagram post on December 11, added fuel to the fire, when he posted a thread of several pictures, captioning it as “Things I’ve seen lately.”

The thread consisted of pictures of art pieces in museums. In the middle of the thread, there was a photo of graffiti. At the center of the faded and rusted writing was “namjoon [blue heart emoji] sooyeon” in hangul.

Considering what appears to be lovers’ dedication, ARMY couldn’t help but wonder if he was dating the “Sooyeon” in question.

Many speculate that the graffiti is dated 2017 and there was other BTS-related writing on the graffiti wall. Therefore it is more than likely that an ARMY wrote it on the wall and RM just thought it was cute. So, he took a photo and shared it.

ARMY has just been speculating what could be the truth. Only RM knows what the actual truth is.

Check out the thread and fans’ reactions:

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