September 25, 2023



In the first upset of the FIFA World Cup football tournament, Saudi Arabia defeated Argentina

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In the ongoing FIFA World Cup football tournament in Qatar, the Saudi Arabian team defeated Lionel Messi’s Argentina team by two goals to one while causing a big upset in Group C. The match between the two teams started at a fast pace and The Argentine team received a penalty kick in the 10th minute of the match, after which Lionel Messi put the ball into the net to give his team a one-zero lead. After that, the Saudi Arabian team tried to equalize the match, but their Each attempt was thwarted by Argentina’s defensive line, leaving Argentina with a one-nil lead at half-time.
With the beginning of the second half, Saudi Arabia started to play aggressively and in the 48th minute of the match, Al Shahri scored a goal to equalize the match. Argentina’s forward line tried hard to equalize the match but Saudi Arabia’s defensive line and goalkeeper played brilliantly to thwart their every attempt, the score at two at the final whistle. One remained and Saudi Arabia won the match.

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