October 4, 2023



Imran Khan also abuses his mentor, Khawaja Asif

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Defense Minister and Pakistan Muslim League-N senior leader Khawaja Asif has said that General Retired Bajwa Imran Khan’s benefactor, but this person is a benefactor, Imran Khan curses his benefactor every morning and evening.
Web Desk: Addressing the workers’ convention of the (N) League in Sialkot, he said that under the plan a person was brought to power who destroyed the economy, today he is saying that justice should be done to him. Imran Khan did not descend on Pakistan suddenly, it was launched after 2011 through planning.
Khawaja Asif said that a newspaper apologized for making a false statement against Shahbaz Sharif in a foreign court. Bar sent to jail and was preparing to send for the third time, we never targeted women politicians, our leader’s daughter was arrested, a man Mujahid Rana Sana was falsely charged with drugs, who was acquitted by the court.
The federal minister said that General Bajwa is Imran Khan’s benefactor and Imran Khan also abuses his benefactor, people kiss the Kaaba, but he sold the watch with the image of the Kaaba for a pittance.
He said that I was given only two blankets in the severe cold season in prison, my wife used to sit in anti-corruption all day, they could not present any evidence against me.

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