October 4, 2023



Horoscope: which sister or which brother are you?

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ARIES – As a brother – Even if you are not the first born, you become number one in the family for some other characteristic that distinguishes you. You are protective of your brothers and sisters and always try to help them in times of greatest difficulty.
Like sister – You dictate the rules in the family, but you do it with sympathy and so your brothers or sisters listen to you. You get angry easily and are often heard to raise your voice. After five minutes, the whirlwind subsides and you resume hugging everyone affectionately.

TAURUS – As brother – You have a calm and calm character, but your brothers and sisters know that there is a limit even to your patience and they don’t dare go beyond it because they know your steadfastness. You are a point of reference for the whole family and you are happy about it.
Like sister – One of the best ways to take care of your brothers or sisters is to cook tasty and filling meals for them. Even in adulthood, you are happy when they come to visit you and ask for their favorite sweet. The important thing is that they don’t ask you for money.

GEMINI – As a brother – You are a real hurricane. Your brothers and sisters may find in you a playmate and adventure partner, but they can hardly rely on your promises. Indeed, very often, responsibilities have to be assumed from which you run away.
Like sister – Cheerful and lively, sometimes you are the soul of the house. Other times you are a living tidal wave and, with your whims and teasing, you force your brothers and sisters to satisfy your requests. They love you and forgive you even when you make a mistake.

CANCER – As brother – Tender and affectionate, your brothers and sisters know that you need lots of cuddles, but they are not always willing to oblige. You are happy that they can understand your mood. Real suffering is when you are an only child.
Like sister – You would like your brothers and sisters to go out less and spend more time at home with you and the whole family, to laugh and chat together. You try to make them feel guilty when they forget an anniversary or important date.

LEO – As a brother – You are the king of the forest and your brothers or sisters soon learn that, to get some advantage from you, you have to praise yourself or pay exaggerated compliments. You are generous and loyal. You never back down when asked about anything.
Like sister – The whole family knows your amorous vicissitudes and your brothers or sisters are the faithful advisers to whom you confide your doubts, your worries, but also your dreams and your hopes. You are very generous and like to surprise them with gifts.

VIRGO – As brother – Meticulous and strict, you demand that your brothers or sisters do not mess up your closet or your desk and you remind them punctually everything they should or should not do. If needed, offer your help with great kindness.
Like sister – You always try to make sure that your brothers or sisters respect some rules of good manners at home and in the family. You are relentless when it comes to hygiene and housekeeping. When someone is sick, you make an excellent nurse.

LIBRA – As a brother – Your refined and kind ways of doing are also manifested in the family and you always try to avoid quarrels with your brothers or sisters because you know that no one would benefit from it. However, they always manage to discover your lies for a good purpose.
Like sister – You’re the sister everyone turns to when they want advice on how to dress or make up for an important date. When you are prey to your doubts and indecisions, your brothers or sisters are the first you turn to.

SCORPIO – As a brother – You don’t mince words and you don’t care if your brothers or sisters might take offense: you will always tell them everything you think about their behavior. They know you raise your voice even when you’re nervous about matters that don’t concern them.
As sister – You are always aware of everything that is happening in the family and you make sure that your brothers and sisters are honest and loyal to you. You can’t stand that your parents pay more attention to them than to you.

SAGITTARIUS – As a brother – You’re the know-it-all of the family, but it’s impossible not to love you. Always smile and try to show your brothers and sisters the bright side of life. However, you would never take them with you on your travels: your freedom must remain sacred.
Like sister – You are quite present in the life of your brothers and sisters and you are always interested in their life, their career and their choices. Sometimes you sin with little humility with them, but they know you and know that everything you do is always in good faith.

CAPRICORN – As a brother – You are very protective and that is why you try to keep an eye on your sisters or brothers, especially if they are younger than you. When you start work, you don’t want them poking their noses into your business or bothering you with pointless questions.
As sister – You are very nice, available and disciplined towards your brothers and sisters, but not too affectionate in gestures. It seems that he wants to put you in the position of someone who always has something to learn from them and this does you great honour.

AQUARIUS – As a brother – You are not particularly thoughtful, but when your sister or brother needs you you are always available to listen and comfort them. However, you don’t want to do everything together with them all the time because you already see them enough at family dinners.
Like sister – You are understanding and you always try to find allies in your brother or sister to rebel against your parents. You hate being imitated in your look or your sister taking your clothes out of the closet. Sometimes you need to be alone.

PISCES – As a brother – Affectionate and cuddly, from an early age you have nice attentions for your brothers and sisters. You worry about them and their choices, sometimes even excessively. You like the idea of ​​having mutual friends or engaging in the same hobby together.
Like sister – Although you often complain because you don’t get enough attention or cuddles, you are very close to your brothers and sisters and are always ready to help and support them in times of need. Even in your dreams, they are often present.

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