September 25, 2023



Horoscope 2023: how will love be for the 12 Signs

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ARIES – Jupiter will keep you company until the month of May and will continue to offer you lucky opportunities in every area of ​​life, including love. The astrological transit that will make the difference this year will be the long stay of Venus in the Sign of Leo throughout the summer months. Pre-existing couples will rediscover a magical understanding, even on an erotic level. For single people there will be very romantic surprises.

VISIT – Prepare to lighten up, but not lose weight. You will look beautiful even with a few extra kilos, as a gift from Jupiter who will enter your sign in the month of May. Saturn will free you from his hostile aspect in March and you will have more free time to relax, have fun or meet new people. If you intend to make demanding projects with your partner, be careful to avoid the summer months.

TWINS – The entry of Saturn into Pisces, in the month of March, will turn your days upside down and force you to face many mainly professional but also sentimental matters more seriously. The time has come to live up to the promises you made. You’ll find that stability in love isn’t all that bad. In summer, the long transit of Venus in Leo will favor new breathtaking encounters.

CANCER – 2023 could be the year of your real social redemption. Not only in March will Saturn smile at you from the Sign of Pisces, but in May Jupiter will cease to be dissonant and will make you much more optimistic and confident, especially towards others. The opportunities to make new encounters will increase which, in many cases, will turn into romantic and happy love stories. No complaining.

LEONE – 2023 will definitely mark a clear recovery for you as regards the world of affection. Not only will you finally free yourself from Saturn’s opposition in March, but you will welcome Venus in your sign throughout the summer months. Your relationships will become lighter, more pleasant, happier. There will be fewer obstacles and you will open your heart in a pure and sincere way. Passion will triumph.

VIRGIN – Roll up your sleeves because, from an emotional point of view, 2023 will be a challenging year. In fact, your relationships will be put to the test by the transit of Saturn in Pisces, starting in the month of March. The strongest bonds, which are based on sincere and deep feelings, will overcome any crisis, but superficial and light stories risk crumbling without you being able to do anything.

WEIGHT SCALE – Your love life always holds a special place in your daily life and the planetary transits of 2023 will help you discover what you really need to live in a happy relationship. Starting in the month of May, Jupiter will no longer be opposite your Sign and you will become more realistic and down-to-earth. Prepare to be overwhelmed by eros. Furthermore, in the summer, love friendships will be favored.

SCORPIO – With the entry of Saturn into Pisces in March, many problems related to the purchase or sale of a property will end. More space will be created in your life for love and you will be able to actually make important projects with your partner. The unexpected will come with Jupiter entering Taurus in May: you’ll have to learn to be more objective, even when you’re in love.

SAGITTARIUS – The first months of the year will be the right ones to experience new loves and passions that will rekindle your enthusiasm, especially if you ended an important story a few months ago. Saturn’s entry into Pisces, starting in March, will ask you to face new family commitments that will make you feel trapped. Summer will be the season of recovery: fate has sweet surprises in store for you.

CAPRICORN – Jupiter will be the Planet that will most influence your love life in 2023. You’ll have to wait for the month of May to find within yourself the inner strength necessary to fully experience a love story that will overwhelm you in every sense. If you really want to, you can even start talking to your partner about the possibility of expanding the family. The sphere of eros will be effervescent.

AQUARIUM – In the month of March, Saturn will move away from your sign and being single will become less fun. That’s when you start making space for someone in your life. But be careful: with Jupiter in Taurus, from the month of May, someone could start to pressure you with the proposal of a cohabitation for which perhaps you will not feel ready. Maybe! Your moments of crisis will be as always in the summer.

PESCI – It has never been a problem for you to share your everyday life with your partner, but in 2023 you will finally savor the pleasure of being single, having your own space and not having to account to anyone for your choices. Saturn in your Sign, from the month of March, will make you more independent and free. Jupiter in Taurus, on the other hand, from May onwards, will favor new adventures to be experienced without too many expectations.

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