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Home: ten golden rules for a magazine Christmas table

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1 – THE FAMILY SILVER SHOP: what could be more significant for a celebration like Christmas than a reminder of the family? This then is just the perfect opportunity to remove the family silverware from drawers and wardrobes which, rather than being left to dust in some corner of the house, can make a fine show of itself in the establishment of the Christmas table: an extraordinary way to remember who we are and with whom we would like to be in these important holidays.

2 – THE ELEGANCE OF GOLD: in addition to silverware, one way to make the festive table even more precious is to enrich it with a touch of gold. Perfect to combine with green, the protagonist color together with red in the Christmas holidays with its reference to fir trees and moss, it manages to make the atmosphere magical and sparkling. Elegant and sumptuous are the placeholder bows to be placed on the dishes on the table, but gold is ideal in the choice of candles and in the decorations of the tree.

3 – UNMISSABLE RED: the color of Christmas par excellence is red, which has always been considered auspicious and therefore it is absolutely impossible to do without it. Precisely because it brings good luck we must not forget to arrange a little here and there: a red ribbon to tie the napkin placed on the white porcelain plate will be festive and cheerful, but we can use red decorations to fill the most empty areas of the rooms, for the bedspreads or the blankets on the sofa, or even for the balls that decorate the table.

4 – SIMPLE DECORATIONS: after having decided which room in the house we want to embellish with decorations, we focus on decorations that skilfully mix the classic holly with spices, such as cinnamon, and dried fruit, such as orange peel, ideal for use as fragrances in diffusers or even above radiators, but above all as placeholders or as a scented centrepiece. The living room or dining room will be, as well as welcoming, able to pervade our sense of smell, giving sensations that immediately recall Christmas.

5 – THE ESSENTIAL TABLE: as in all things, let us remember that too much spoils. Avoiding excesses is always a good idea: that’s why adapting decorations and decorations to the size of the house is essential. To avoid a suffocating effect, even at the table it is always better to limit yourself, leaving the necessary space to admire the delicacies and to be able to converse without obstacles that impede sight and contact. We focus on placemats or runners with a typically Christmas flavor and on small references to Christmas: a few colored balls or pine twigs are enough to embellish the table with sobriety.

6 – THE TARTAN NEVER CUT OUT OF PLEASURE: this fabric has always been an authentic Christmas evergreen. For an elegantly decorated home, yes to furnishings and decorations that are in harmony with the tartan in the chosen shades. If ours is a classic piece of furniture, we opt for the two timeless colors and true symbols of Christmas: red and green, perfect in the mise en place, in the tree decorations, in the candles and in the centerpiece in the name of the most absolute tradition .

7 – LONG LIVE MEMORIES: the images of our travels, meetings, hugs taken furtively or carefully placed, are always terribly romantic. And if the memories are in Polaroid-type format, they also have a vintage flavor that evokes distant and tender moments at the same time. Hung here and there, the photographs help to languidly dress the house and make it more welcoming and intimate: at Christmas on the Festive table they can be personalized and serve as a placeholder for each diner.

8 – POMEGRANATE, PRECIOUS BEANS: a decoration that is always popular is the one obtained using the pomegranate, which immediately evokes the idea of ​​Christmas, as well as the simple, yet suggestive, candles. Objects that are easy to find and arrange at home, which can give great effect and spectacularity. A green centerpiece with golden candles, pine cones and pomegranates will also be absolutely ideal for a table around which we hope to have all the people closest to us.

9 – CHRISTMAS DIY: the trend is to make our Christmas more heartfelt and cheerful with handmade decorations to be made involving even the little ones. You don’t need much: decorations made with cotton and wadding, garlands made with pine cones painted in gold and silver, or even centerpieces obtained by placing oranges and silver threads or even small glass containers where you can elegantly place the balls, red and gold or the color that we like best. Creativity and imagination stimulate a good mood and help to leave worries and stress aside.

10 – MIX AND MATCH: for a refined and trendy decoration, it is essential to choose a unique theme for the home and the table. If we are forced to use different elements even in very small houses, such as for example the different seats around the table, we will be able to elegantly highlight the style of the house, giving an idea of ​​warm welcome and sobriety.

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