October 4, 2023



“GF Vip”, the nominations of 10 December

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Atilius Romita e Charlie Gnocchi are the two nominated contestants in the December 10 episode of the “GF Vip“. The contestant with the least votes from the public will be eliminated in Monday’s appointment December 12th. Also for this episode Big Brother has decided that the nominable competitors are only the men of the House because they are in the majority compared to women.

The vipponi voted in obvious way unlike the women who also had the opportunity to cast their vote in the secrecy of the confessional in this episode. Danielesaved in televoting, is immune while Charlie, the least voted, is the first nominated of the evening. The House’s favorite competitor is Luca Onestini. Sonia Bruganelli e Orietta Berti finally, they granted immunity to Antonino Spinalbese.

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