September 25, 2023



General (retd) Bajwa asked to remove Usman Buzdar as CM of Punjab, Imran Khan’s claim – SUCH TV

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PTI Chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan has revealed that former Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Bajwa advised him to remove former Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar.

Imran Khan made the statements during an interview, which was his first after General Bajwa retired as COAS. Imran Khan also praised the Army by saying that it remains the only institution of Pakistan whose chain of command remains functional.

While making a comparison with bureaucracy, Imran Khan said the army is an exceptional institution that is functional and that has benefitted the nation a lot due to it being so organized.

“The chain of command [of the Army] is fantastic. You say one thing it happens. The same cannot be said for bureaucracy,” Imran Khan explained.

Moreover, Imran Khan also talked about making the correct political decisions. He said for making political decisions, one needs to have an understanding of politics.

“Bajwa sahab told me several times to remove Usman Buzdar. To which I replied that I have been in politics for 22 years, wouldn’t I know more about what’s best for me?,” Imran Khan said while adding, “It’s just as if I am giving you instructions for the Army.”

“It is common sense. One man who has formed the party from zero, would he know what’s best for his party or the one who has no experience,” Imran Khan said.

PTI leader Usman Buzdar served as the Chief Minister of Punjab and has been accused of poor governance during his tenure. In June, Punjab Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) registered a case against Usman Buzdar over the illegal transfer of 900 kanals land in Dera Ghazi Khan.

In addition to this, the National Accountability Bureau is also investigating Usman Buzdar in alleged illegal promotions in the Communication and Work Department during his tenure and liquor license case.

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