September 26, 2023



From bills to family, measures in a nutshell – Economy

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The certainty is that two thirds of the resources, about 21 billion in deficit, will be destined to protect families and businesses from high energy costs. With a mix of aid ranging from tax credits for businesses to petrol discounts. For the rest there are many measures, on which the parties are pushing, but which have to deal with a very short blanket: for a maneuver that goes towards 32 billion, around ten billion remain on the plate and the rule is that every measure need for coverage in the same sector of intervention. Here is how the rich menu for the maneuver expected tomorrow in the Council of Ministers is taking shape.
MIX OF AID AGAINST EXPENSIVE BILLS. A “mix of aid” is being studied, to cover the first three months of 2023.
The petrol discount, the social bonus and the tax credits should be confirmed, but they want to be raised from 30 to 35% for small businesses. It is also possible that that for businesses will rise from 40 to 45%. A single fund to support energy needs is also being studied, to be managed with selective aid.
PENSIONS, FEE 41+62 FOR ONE YEAR. To avoid the return of the Fornero law, the ‘bridge’ solution identified for 2023 is a quota 41 with a stake of 62 years. “We’re taking a year to think about a real reform – explains the Northern League undersecretary Durigon – together with the social partners”.
INCOME, WE ALSO REASON ON REDUCTION. On Citizenship Income we change, even if the discussion is still ongoing. The hypothesis under study is to remove it from those who can be employed (with a transitional phase of 6 months), while reasoning on the possible reduction of the allowance would also be underway in these hours. The aid will remain for the poor, on whom a fight against income ‘sneaky’ is being evaluated.
WEDGE DOWN 3 POINTS FOR LOW INCOMES. On the wedge, we are moving towards a repeat of the 2-point cut for incomes up to 35 thousand euros (which costs 3.5 billion), while the cut will be increased by another point, up to 3 points, for the most fragile groups, those with an income of less than 20,000 euros. Everything should go in support of the workers.
FLAT TAX, SKIP THE INCREMENTAL. On the flat tax, the increase in the threshold (from 65 to 85 thousand euros) for self-employed persons and VAT numbers is currently confirmed, while the hypothesis of introducing an incremental flat tax also seems to be losing ground. For employees, on the other hand, the reduction of taxation on productivity bonuses is being studied.
VAT REDUCTION. The zeroing or cutting of VAT on bread, pasta and milk is still an issue under evaluation.
Instead, there will be a decrease in VAT on early childhood products, says the undersecretary to the presidency of the council Giovanbattista Fazzolari (FdI).
TAX TRUCE, JUMP THE ‘SHIELD’. For the folders up to 2015, we are moving towards the cancellation of those under one thousand euros and the reduction of penalties and interest, with installments over 5 years, for the others. On the other hand, the ‘voluntary disclosure’ on capital abroad would not be proposed.
FAMILY SUPPORT. An increase in the single family allowance is foreseen (the proposal is to double the increase from 100 to 200 euros for families with 4 or more children and to guarantee an extra 100 euros for twin children) and an intervention on leave family members. Funds are also being sought to be able to make the financing of summer camps structural.
CHANGE THE RULE ON EXTRA PROFITS. The revision under study takes the EU regulation as a reference, measuring extra profits on profits and raising the rate currently to 25%: we are thinking of a range of 30-33%, based on the choice that will be made on VAT.
BONUS TV AND AID FOR BUSINESSES. Possible refinancing of the two existing contributions (for TV and decoder) with other resources for 100 million. Other measures for businesses are also being studied, from the refinancing of the ‘new Sabatini’ to the hypothesis of a fund for the protection of Made in Italy.
CASH ROOF AND DRY COUPON. From 1 January it will rise from 2,000 to 5,000 euros. Among the hypotheses there is also the dry coupon for the rental of commercial premises.
BRIDGE ON THE STRAIT. In order to restart the process, the Stretto di Messina company, which has been in liquidation for 9 years, is reactivated.