September 25, 2023



Footballs made from Sialkot will be used in FIFA World Cup 2022

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Made in Pakistan football balls will be used in the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup to be held in Qatar from November 20.
Web Desk: The official ball of the international event is Al-Rihalla Made in Sialkot, Sialkot is a city that is home to the best sporting goods. According to Gwadar Pro, Sialkot produces about 600 million footballs every year, which is the world’s total production. is more than half of
Saad Ghani, marketing manager of Talon Company, told Gwadar Pro that Sialkot is meeting up to 70 percent of the world’s (soccer ball) needs. A small portion is reduced.
According to Gwadar Pro, Sialkot-made soccer balls made their debut at the 1982 World Cup in Spain, shining nine times in the football kingdom. Did it become the first water-resistant ball in the FIFA World Cup?

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