September 25, 2023



FIFA World Cup football tournament, Croatia and Morocco match without a goal

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The match between Croatia and Morocco has ended in a goalless draw in the ongoing FIFA World Cup football tournament in Qatar. The Croatian team is the runner-up of the 2018 World Cup, which was defeated by the French team and won the honor of becoming the world champion. There are only four players in the Croatia team 2018 team, but in the match against Morocco, there was no attacking play from Croatia, and defensive play from both teams, which led to a goalless draw. However, both Croatia and Morocco paid attention to the defensive line, Morocco’s performance was good in the match against Croatia, but there was no sufficient effort to score a goal from their side. Regarding the match between Croatia and Morocco. Football observers say that both teams play with the fear that if they go on the attack, the defensive line will be weakened and this is the reason why the competition did not see attacking play from both sides. For Moroccan fans, this is The result is good but Croatian fans are disappointed with their team’s performance.

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