September 23, 2023



FIFA World Cup, Costa Rica beat Japan 1-0

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In the ongoing FIFA World Cup football tournament in Qatar, the Costa Rica team scored a goal in the last minute of the match and defeated the Japan team by one zero. , which was maintained until the final whistle, Japan had previously upset the German team by defeating the team of Germany. The Japanese team also played a strong defensive game against Costa Rica, but Fowler broke their defensive barrier and scored his own goal. Played an important role in the victory of the team, after this match, now both teams have three points after playing two matches. After the victory against Germany, the observers thought that the team would succeed in defeating Costa Rica. Because the Costa Rican team is under pressure after the seven-nil defeat by Spain, but before the match against Costa Rica, five changes were made in the Japanese team, due to which the combination of the team was badly affected and the team is traditional. Unable to deliver, the Japanese team tried to equalize after a last-minute goal but failed to do so.

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