September 23, 2023



English cricket team does not have 11-foot players available, the first test is likely to be delayed

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The Pandi Test has been delayed due to ill health of English players and officials. Sources say that at least 14 players and officials of the English team are unwell and are suffering from viral infections including food poisoning. England does not have 11-foot players available. According to sources, the Pakistan Cricket Board and the English Board are discussing this matter, after which there is no possibility of the first Test starting on Thursday.

According to the sources, the PCB says that they will also inform the ICC in this regard, but this is purely a matter of both the boards, after the discussion, an official announcement will be made in this regard. has sold the tickets due to which the board has to settle all matters. According to the sources, the English team visiting Pakistan has also brought its chef, but their chef is also unwell. Three Test matches between Pakistan and England. The first Test of the series is scheduled from tomorrow in Rawalpindi.

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