September 23, 2023



Elon Musk responds to Kanye West’s ‘genetic hybrid’ comments

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Elon Musk responds to Kanye Wests genetic hybrid comments
Elon Musk responds to Kanye West’s ‘genetic hybrid’ comments

Kanye West shared a post on Instagram on December 5th, 2022, where he commented on Elon Musk’s biological makeup.

The Dark Fantasy rapper wrote, “Am I the only one who thinks Elon could be half Chinese? Have you ever seen his pics as a child?” wrote Ye. “Take a Chinese genius and mate them with South African super model and we have an Elon.”

The rapper continued, “I say an Elon because they probably made 10 to 30 Elons and he is the first genetic hybrid that stuck..Well let’s not forget about Obama.

In the caption, Ye alluded to his aim for presidency in 2024 and took a dig at the scandals that are surrounding him including his social media bans and his tiff with Balenciaga.

The Flashing Lights hitmaker captioned his post, “On Jay Zs birthday Future president of the United States Ye uses Mark Zuckerberg’s platform to incite a mass investigation of Elon Musk’s childhood photos in the midst of Balenciagagate I call this The theory of everything Problem solved Praise God”

On Twitter, Musk responded to a tweet that said, “Kanye West says he believes Elon Musk is a Half-Chinese ‘Genetic Hybrid.'”

The Twitter CEO responded, “I take that as a compliment.”

Kanye has since then posted another Instagram post sharing that the comments were meant as a compliment.

“It was meant as a compliment my friend Now Obama on the other hand,” caption West.

Earlier, Musk had said that he wanted to ‘punch’ Kanye after he posted swastikas on Twitter, which resulted in the rapper’s ban on the site.

During a Twitter Space, Musk responded to a question saying “Posting swastikas in what obviously is not a good way is an incitement to violence.”

He added, “I personally wanted to punch Kanye, so that was definitely inciting me to violence.”

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