September 25, 2023



EC announces ecological cooperation with OACPS

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Belgium, (Brussels Morning Newspaper) The European Commission announced plans to cooperate with the Organisation of African, Caribbean, and Pacific States (OACPS) to preserve biodiversity.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the EC noted that it will work together with OACPS at the coming 2022 UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15) to push ambitious goals to reverse the loss of biodiversity.

The Commission stressed that the extinction of species is alarming and threatens the economies, food security, health, and livelihoods of billions of people.

Ministers from EU, African, Caribbean, and Pacific countries discussed expectations for COP15 in Brussels on Tuesday, stressing the importance of setting quantifiable targets and establishing an extensive framework for monitoring and reviewing progress.

Jutta Urpilainen, European Commissioner for International Partnerships, noted that she is pleased to see that the EU and OACPS are determined to cooperate on the preservation of biodiversity.

Plans to stop the extinction

She stressed that biodiversity is “a common priority and a prerequisite for life on Earth,” adding that the EU has been cooperating with OACPS in this area for years as part of which they implemented many programs aimed at halting biodiversity loss.

“While sustaining wildlife and biodiversity, we are committed to ensuring the livelihoods of local and indigenous communities,” Urpilainen stated and noted that the EC doubled its external funding for biodiversity projects to 7 billion euros.

Jiří Kozák, head of the EU Council of Ministers, expressed the belief that “COP15 will be a breakthrough conference where world leaders will gather to agree on the global protection of our biodiversity.”

He pointed out that species are dying out and stressed that it is time for politicians to take action. “Protecting our ecosystems is a common obligation for us as humanity,” Kozák stated and concluded, “we are happy that we can work together with the OACPS and its members to tackle this global challenge.”

OACPS chair Amery Browne warned that “one million animal and plant species out of a total estimate of 8 million are at risk of extinction, many within decades affecting us all and especially the most vulnerable.”

“With its 79 member states, the OACPS is willing to ensure that the COP 15 outcomes significantly contribute to this global biodiversity challenge,” he concluded.

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