September 23, 2023



Due to lack of funds, the Peshawar-Dera Expressway project has been shelved

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Web Desk: In the report submitted by the provincial government to the Provincial Assembly regarding the Peshawar to DI Khan Expressway, it has been revealed that the 360 ​​km long DI Khan Expressway is currently not being constructed. In this regard, the provincial government does not have funds, while the federal government has refused to include this project in the CPEC. No private company is ready in this regard. According to the details provided in response to the question asked by the opposition member of assembly Ahmed Kundi, the work on the project will be started after the provision of the required financial resources. What have you considered?
On September 10, 2021, PC1 was approved to include this project in the CPEC project and for final approval, this PC1 was presented in the CPEC meeting on June 1, 2022, but this project has not been included in the CPEC project yet. It is further stated in the details that this project was also planned to be run under Public Private Partnership and for this, this project was approved for private participation under the Public Private Partnership Act, while in this regard, the Asian Development Bank Loans have also been requested but no progress has been made so far due to which the project is pending.

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