September 25, 2023



Desdemona against Riccardo: “I wouldn’t even look at a man like you from afar”

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He doesn’t mince his tongue Desdemona it’s at “Men and women” attacks Riccardo. The acquaintance between the knight and Gloria he proceeds exclusively but Riccardo declares that he has no problems if the lady goes out with another man. This affirmation that triggers some controversies in particular those of Desdemona who, without too many words, turns to Riccardo and provokes him: “I wouldn’t even look at a man like you from afar“.

“At this moment I have decided that it is right to dedicate myself only to our knowledge because I don’t want to make the mistakes of the past, but we both know there is no feeling“, adds the Apulian knight. “I feel that there is a feeling from the way he hugs me when we are in bed, from the intertwining of hands”replies Gloria who instead would see something more in Riccardo’s attitudes.

But in the studio nobody seems to believe in the knight’s good intentions, first of all Desdemona who advises Gloria to let him go. “But what do you want? Gloria, don’t listen to the advice of this superwoman”, declares Riccardo but the lady replies: “You said right, I’m a superwoman, did you see my name? Do you know the meaning?”. “I don’t know, but I would know where to send you”replies the knight.

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