September 26, 2023



China-Saudi Arabia Relations

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Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Riyadh, where the two countries signed agreements worth 30 billion dollars in energy and infrastructure, among other sectors. According to the report of the AFP news agency, the Chinese President This visit to Saudi Arabia has been criticized by the United States. According to the Saudi official media, contracts worth about 30 billion dollars were signed during this visit. is trying to promote while America’s long-time ally Saudi Arabia is emphasizing on diversifying its economic and political alliance. During President Xi’s visit, agreements of historic and far-reaching importance were signed between the two countries. China Saudi Arabia is the largest supplier of oil, but this visit is being seen in the context of geopolitics. There is a change in the policy of a country with a leading role in the Middle East, which must have an impact on the entire region. Saudi Arabia is America’s strategic partner and its main ally in the region, but Muhammad After Bin Salman became the crown prince, the relations between the two countries have warmed for the first time. Talking about the warmth, now the relations between the two countries have also become strained because of the face and character of the United States. Saudi authorities welcome this. It is alarming for the West that the organization of the Muslim world is collectively moving closer to China, even though the United States has used the Uyghur Muslim problem to make the Muslim world angry with China. After the Ukraine crisis, the United States put a lot of pressure on Saudi Arabia to increase oil prices, but the Saudi government resisted this pressure and maintained oil prices with Russia. The prices did not increase abnormally. Now the visit of the Chinese president is an important stop in this trip. The United States is watching this visit very closely. Pakistan should change and abandon the recent practice of changing its role and course in this changing scenario.
Ji’s departure has stopped
Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has indicated that his party has decided to contest the provincial assembly election and prepare for it. He said that he is challenging Imran Khan to dissolve the assembly. The federal interior minister is always known for his harsh statements. Even earlier, they have been giving challenge after challenge, their latest challenge leaves no other way for Tehreek-e-Insaaf to implement the plan they announced. It seems that the government is openly playing on this issue and is a victim of Tehreek-e-Insaf. When political matters reach this point, the way back becomes difficult. Tehreek-e-Insaf has been shying away from the politics of reconciliation and it has been their way to challenge the opponents more. The going has stopped, it went in the morning and it went in the evening.
An increase in inflation is an increase
According to the weekly report of the Federal Institute of Statistics regarding inflation, the overall rate of inflation remains at 30 percent in a week. The data in each weekly report confirms the high cost of consumer goods, which shows stability in the prices of commodities. And most of those items are included in the list of expensive items a week ago, while the prices of expensive items have shown stability in the last week, so they are included in the list of inflation, making three sets. The list of expensive items is released one after the other, while in fact the inflation is continuously increasing. In the budget of the current financial year, the maximum inflation was estimated at 11 percent, but now it is It is said that its rate has increased more than twice than the estimate. Instead of trying to reduce the inflation, the Ministry of Finance has only announced the increase in inflation. The reduction was expected, even the magic of this magician could not work, the government and administration His incompetence is also a major cause of inflation and severe artificial inflation.

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