September 25, 2023



Child abuse in schools will increase by 54% in 2022 – Chronicle

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Among the crimes involving minors, the largest increase in 2022 is in abuse of correctional means, sexual assault and aggravated sexual assault committed in educational institutions: for the latter the increase is 54% (with a 58% increase in victims). In general, with regard to crimes against minors, among the victims the female gender almost always prevails. The age group with the highest number of victims is the one under 14 years e among the perpetrators of the crimes, men between the ages of 35 and 64 predominate (62%). This is what emerges from the elaborate on the trend of crimes attributable to violence against minors, produced by the Criminal Analysis Service coordinated by the Central Directorate of the Criminal Police.

The report itself reveals that they are doubled the number of underage victims affected by the crime of “sextortion”, i.e. sexual blackmail to extort money: the percentage change on the total number of cases treated in 2021 (101) was +94% compared to the previous year. This is what emerges from a report by the Central Directorate of the Criminal Police. According to the document, “sextortion impacts underage victims, with enhanced damaging effects: lThe shame that children feel prevents them from asking their parents or peers for help”. In 2021 out of 101 cases, 77 concerned the 14-17 age group and 23 the 10-13 age group.