September 25, 2023



Canadian PM Justin Trudeau sends greetings on Sindh Cultural Day – SUCH TV

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Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau on Sunday extended his heartfelt greetings to everyone living in Canada on the day before Sindhi Cultural Day.

“This occasion deals a brilliant opportunity for Canadians of Sindhi origin to share their rich cultural legacy with the community,” Trudeau said in a letter.

Trudeau, in his warm wishes to the Canadian Sindhi community, said: “I am certain that many performances and activities planned for today’s celebration have been enjoyed by everyone in the audience.”

PM Trudeau thanked the Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) Canada’s active members including president Jam Muneer, Rizwan Issani, General secretary Raj Bansari, Rab Nawaz Gaho, Shahid Ali, and Shiraz Memon for their hard work in shaping the remarkable event.

He added that events such as this are a wonderful reminder that Canada is truly a multicultural nation made stronger and more resilient by our diversity.

People in Sindh are also celebrating Sindh Culture Day to highlight their culture.

Several programmes, shows, and rallies are being held in different cities to celebrate the day.

The staff of the Peoples Bus Service will wear traditional Ajrak and Sindhi Topi.

The main event for Sindhi Culture Day will be held in front of the Karachi Press Club which will be attended by people across the city, dressed up in Sindhi attire.

Take a look at people celebrating the day with their loved ones:

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